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Indian representation in the mainstream media, such as books, is misinformed. The Western perspective does no justice to the Indian culture and its diversity.

Today, we will dissect the 10 most common stereotypes about India and Indians.

All Indians eat curry.

Indian cuisines are vast and cannot be labeled as ‘curry.’ Curry is one…

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Clichés, clichés, clichés.

Clichés are overrated expressions that once had been original. Their purpose is to make writing bland and stale. While some clichés are exciting to read if served wittingly, but some ideas are just disgusting. Even their representation in mainstream media is problematic.

Justifying a rapist’s, harasser’s or abuser’s actions and making the main character, regardless of the gender, fall in love with them.

While many may not understand…

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A trigger warning is a statement given at the beginning of a piece, alerting the reader to the fact that it contains distressing material that could be triggering to some who have underwent personal perils.

“For those who have experienced trauma, trigger warnings help them to avoid fight-or-flight modes that…

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